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Fb Love Status In English


I do not want heroes and I die on fairies. . . She is a “innocent” girl who I 💗love!

Love does not happen to anyone 😍…, it has to forget its existence, to make someone own.

Do not smile so much, do not let every 👁 eye be like me … !!!

Let me tell life in few words, take your name😚 and do all the work!

If you have 😍love, then, what is the meaning of reading the status.

#My SMILE 😀’s PASSWORD 👰 You do not ask me that again!

If you forget to forget us, then we too are 😉urged to remind you !!

Somehow he mentions my talk like this … I have heard that he still ☺worries me ….

What is strange about his 😍 love, he does not even make himself and does not even allow anyone to be …. !!

Seeing my frustration despite the wounds 😉…. you laughed, I also laughing with you …. !!

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You love as much as you can, if you have to fall apart,☺ then you can stay alive …. !!

Looking at life with a lot of attention I know😑 … I do not have a big enemy in my heart … !!!

Millions will die on you but I want to 🤕die with you!

There is no value for Smile ☺, some relationships do not matter, people are found at every turn, but not everyone is precious like you all !!!

To live in the world, it is good to have two places, in someone’s heart or in someone’s dua. Heart is not our destiny, remember only in prayer!

Both of them had😍 their first wish, they used to meet daily … they used to do promises, used to write them in vain !!!

When he went, 👨he told me that he would meet thousands like you. I smiled and said, “Why do you want like me only .. ??!

What happened to you, we bowed down in front of you 🙅, now it does not matter what the difference lies in the temple or leaned in the mosque !!!

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Fb Sad Status In English

Do not forget that you have never 😣seen anything for your heart, and you know that we do not like anything …!

Is there any lawyer in this world, who can win the love 😥for me.

Love does not😐 accept the love of the person who loves everybody and does not accept the heart .. !!

It is very easy to recognize its . . If there is no hurt 😮then there is no heart !!

You were so bad that you turned us down. One day you will 😣regret your decision !!!

God please put me in trouble …. Someone 🤞has promised to come in the bad times.

Do not write the truth of the💔 heart, Desire is unconscious, on the note the tears have fallen and the pen is silenced!

Someone said that love 😍 is like a flower !! The step stops when the flowers were sold in the market!

The intention was to kill me, you would have been cut my head, 😣and wrote death on every breath .. !!

No one lives around with life, we know this, people remember when he😶 is alone himself !!!

Whoever insulted God in the name of love, God separated him, to save his existence.

You are playing games from my heart … on the other hand …… It is a bit 😩broken, you can not find yourself anywhere ……. !!

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Your memories are often teased, and sometimes as the tears of my eyes 👁becomes ever a breeze. !!!

The broken star fulfills everyone’s prayers..what seems to be the pain💔 of breaking it !!!

Some people had come to share my sadness, when I was happy, 😫I was scared … !!!

Whenever I wished you only 😩wanted but never wanted anything from you .. !!

Every decision does not😯 happen, by bouncing coins..this is the case of the heart …. Just be careful!

Fb Attitude Status In English

You are ☺ happy-that we want you … otherwise, we are those whose dreams are also brought by myself …

World’s bed sheet is wrapped. But on the day when my day will come 😑, history is history. Geography will also change.

People say nothing’s impossible, but Im too busy in doing nothing 😆everyday.

When I realized that the whole🏬 city started burning from me, then I realized that my name has started to run. “

LEGENDS 😆do exist.. I am a LIVING EXAMPLE!

I smile …Because I don’t know😎 WHO THE HELL is around .

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If the shadows began to grow bigger than the height; So understand😎 that the trouble is about to drown !!

I wish I could record my 😗dreams and watch them later….

Wanna go away ,😑 then Just remember; There is no habit to look back!

Of course, millions of people😊 have been die in the making of the Taj, but it is still today that Begum continues to move on through me!!

What would you like to know about our destiny? …. We were in the nursery even though Madam used to hide her glare👁…

To date, no queen was made, who could make this emperor her 😎slave.

My_bad-wisher😏, understand that your death has come, because Yamraj is his younger brother.

Just as your spy has created itself, in the same way, I will make my own “world”.

People say that my friends are less, but they do not know how much they 😉are meant to me

Do not make a mistake in my love, if you are part of your existence, then you must feel it😍

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There will be many things in me, but there is also a virtue 😑 … I do not care about it.

The lion is the king himself with his power; There is no election 👹in the forest.

You have come into your life but take care; We give ‘life’ but 😏do not let you ‘go’ !!

Fb Funny Status In English

I was supposed to be the candidate for the election of IOve ,but it has made an election commission by saying “brother”!

A boyfriend told the 😉girlfriend that he could go to hell for her too. Then both of them got married. Now the boyfriend is in hell!

I am a bad thing that often happens 😉with good people

Married people live more than loneliness, but they also ask for the death 😆to live and die.

The darkest is before dawn. If 😚you want to steal your neighbor’s newspaper then this is the best time.

Not all heroes can be created😶 Some people are required to play silence even after passing diamonds.


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If people take lessons from mistakes, then why do they make second 🤔Boyfriends?

The computer program😇 always does what you say to him, but seldom does what you want from it.

Husbands miss their tiredness only when the wife says, “Sit down, I have to talk to you”.

A husband can be 😯 compared with a key toy.

All men make mistakes, but married🤞 get it quickly.

Somehow, there was some difference😎 in the insatiable hiccups, how can I find out which one is missing !!

If a man opens his car door with his 🤥own hand for his wife, then understand … ….. either the car is new or the wife … !!!

If men should behave even after🤣marriage as they do before marriage, then the number of divorces in the world should be halfway. On the other hand, if women do the same thing before marriage as they do after marriage, then the number of weddings in the world will also be halfway.

Every young man has a picture of his future husband in her dream😇 ….but when he is not able to achieve such a husband, then the husband who receives him, his God is the master.


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facebook funny status in english image with quotes


Fb Friendship Status In English

Sudama asks Krishna what is the real 🙂 meaning of “friendship”? Krishna laughs and says, When there is the meaning”, there is no friendship!

Do not look at the friend’s face with wealth, the ☺loyal friends often are poor …. !!

Maybe they can find the fate that they get the moment of life😚, let them sit again and again, that class will be able to find the old friends again on the last bench.

Of course, we got a little wait, but we got the best of the world, we did not, Tamana now has any kind of jannat, we got the love 😘in your friendship

Friendships are not ☺always with specific people, who make them happen, they become special in life!

Im in search of that ☺😍one person who can see pain in the eyes at that time; When the world tells us, ‘you friend, you are a lot smiling!

A friend is such a thief😜 … who tears with eyes, troubles from the face, heart from meek, pain from life, and stole from the riddles of the hands .. !!

We know the shortcomings of love😍, we know the gambles of the world, we have the support of a friend like you, only then do we know how to laugh even today.

If you have a hundred friends,🙌 then they are less than them, and continue to grow. If you have an enemy, then too much is to reduce it further.

In my childhood my friends did not have a🕚 clock, but the time was near everyone. Today everyone has a clock but 😣there is no time.


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It is better to make enemies by telling a😏 lie than making a friend by lying.

Thorns friendship is good with the friendship of😉 flowers, which inspires us to walk on hard and difficult paths!

Fb Motivational Status In English

A small seed of hope and trust is better and powerful than the huge fruits🍎 of happiness.

If a person wants to learn something, then every mistake he or she learn from 😑.

Do not try to be a successful person, but be a person who ☺works at values.

If you want to succeed, then 💪destroy your ‘pride’ first.

Do not wait for the opportunity. Today’s opportunity 😎is best.

It is better to hear the scolding of the wise than to hear 😎praises from fools.

Wins such as you get used to it,lose such as☺have made a change to enjoy .

The harder the struggle will be, the better the win😇!


facebook motivational image with quotes
facebook motivational image with quotes


People who look ordinary are the best🤠 people in the world: that is why God creates such a lot of people.

The person who never mistakenly 😐did not try to do something new.

Success is a poor teacher. It develops🤔 thinking in people that they can not fail.

Before starting any work, ask yourself three questions – why am I doing this, what can be the outcome of this and will I be 😉successful. And when you think seriously, you can find satisfying answers to these questions, only then go ahead !!

The person is born alone and dies alone; 😉and he suffers his good and bad deeds; And he alone goes to hell or heaven.

When you start a work, do not be😕 afraid of failure and do not leave that work. People who work honestly are most happy.

One excellent thing that can be learned☺ from the lion is that the person does whatever he wants to do with full heart and strong effort.

Like a stork, a wise man should control his senses 👁and achieve his purpose according to the location, timing and merit of the place.

A superior person is more prone to the🤞 lesser, less in the story.

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