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Hate images for whatsapp


special thanks to god for created like me because i have no regulations.
I am not alone because my soul is always with me.
Unity makes strength but love makes single.
Being single is difficult task.
When ever you are alone no one can remember u, when they are alone they want to talk with you.
I have so many friends but they don't have me.
Don't think too for anyone because no one can care about you.
Sometimes we miss the memories not the person.
When i am alone you are always in my mind.
I love my life because it has no rules,...i am limited edition.
I love my loved one but she loves her father.
If you want status just check my Dp.
Mirror is my best friend because what can i do it can do.
My life.....my rules.
I am single before, i am single now, i am single forever.
I don't want anyone, if you want so you can call me.
Never trust me because i am liar.
I trust u more than my self but you makes me single.
Loneliness is not a word to say i am alone ...its very hard to say you make me alone.
When i am sit alone i always thinking about you only.
I love myself for being single.
I want you because i am alone.
I am not alone because you are in my heart.
When i am feeling lonely you are always in my mind.
I don't want happy life, i want perfect life.
You miss the person but not the memories.
No one can care about me because i am alone.
Love starts with care but loneliness starts with pain.
Love me again, i don't want my lonely life.
Please let you go out my life ...i want my life.
Sometimes it can better to be alone no one can hurt me.
I am waiting for your message.
I don't lost my mind...i just sold it online.
I love my haters...they makes me famous.
I speak my mind... i never mind what i speak.


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