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In The Sea Of Life, There Are Your Friends And Family…And Then There’s The Asshole.

Everything Will Be Ok In The End. If Its Not Ok, Its Not The End. ❤

Be Who You What You Are Not What Others Wants To See.

Never Be So Judgemental 😉

Loving Yourself Is The Coolest Things! 🤗

I’m Not Perfect So You Choose Me Or Lose 😎

You Have Faded From My Life, And I’m 😛fed Up With You!


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Be Perfect In Your Imperfections, Be Calm In Pain ☺, Be Ready In Your Failure 🙂

People Think I M Different From Them But Take Lyf In Different Perspective 🙂

Negative Thoughts Can Be Lost Due To Positive Actions ☺

image of caption for instagram for girls-1
image of caption for instagram for girls-1


I’m Somewhat Tricky It Is Hard To 😉 Find Real Me

I Can Be Hell Out Of Your Whole Life…. So Better Don’t Try Judge Me Out😒

Reflect Your Own Personality To Build Your Self As You Can!

I Really Get Pleasure When People Says I Have Lots Of Attitude, As They Can’t Reach My Level Up 👆

Whenever I Fallen Down I Try To Keep My Self More Dedicated !🤗

My Family And Friends😇 Is The Main Reason Behind My Every Faded Trouble And Worries 😟 🤗

I Follow Up 😉 The Trend Which I Like Not By You!

You’re The Only Person Can Learn From The Life Very Well And Making Them True As Well☺

Life Can Be Compared To Bicycle 🚲 Balancing On Each Point Is Necessary 🤗

Either You Win Or Lose You Must Challenge Your Life Struggles🙂 Everyday

image of caption for instagram for girls-2
image of caption for instagram for girls-2


Life Is Somewhat Like Ocean, If You Know Swimming 🏊 You Can Survive Long!

Road Of Life It Hasso Many Rough And Tough Curves You Should Be Move On It Carefully ☺

Make Each And Every Moment Best Part Of Your Life 🤗

Wanna Achieve Something…..? Stick To Your Goal Tightly 😉

Loyalty Will Be Static Either Someone Enters😖 In Your Life Or Leaves You!!!

Key Point To The Success Is First Great Full Beginning 😇

I’m The Ancestors Of Craziness 😉


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Be In My Heart Never Try To Hang On My Mind 😒

Never Promise Me For The Things You Can’t Do, 😯just Say I

Will Try It, Promises Are Actually Made To Break 💔

Times Are Getting Harder, They Will Become Soften Too…. Believe In Myself 😇Successful People Never Think Of What Other Thinks 🤔

image of caption for instagram for girls-3
image of caption for instagram for girls-3


Never Argue With The People, Who Can Make Down As Soon As Possible 😒

Create And Follow Your Own Trend 😎

Never Overreact On Each And Everything Otherwise You May Loose 👁your Self- Respect

It Seems Like Someone Is Changing Their Vision Of Thinking 🤔 Towards Me😛

I Was Born Smart But My Friends Ruined Me! 😝

My Attitude And Personality Is Out Of Control You Can’t Even Think 🤔 Of It!

Just Act, React And Reflect Your Personality 😎

Positive Mind Can Rule 🏃 Over Your Peaceful 👉destiny

I’m The Queen Of My Kingdom Don’t Want Anyone To Treat Me Like His Queen 👑

image of caption for instagram for girls-4
image of caption for instagram for girls-4


Don’t Stare On My Pic ! You Can’t Even Capture My Views😎!

Always Keep 🥰beautiful Soul….Will Keep Attracting Good People 😉

Treat Me Well And I Will Treat You Like King !😇

Stop Trying To Fix Me I’m Not Broken !😒

I Like To Wear Jewelry Of My Own Personality And Attitude 😉

Don’t Think 🤔 About What Goes Wrong Just Be Focused On What Right 👉 Things Happen To You 😐

Never Regret On Something Which Gone And Happened Wrong Just Beware Of Positive Vibes Only Come To Your Path ❗❗

Put Awesomeness In Each And Every Moment Of Lyf To Make Other Feel Jealous❗ 🤗

Not You.. I’m Going To Make My Parents Proud 🌏👩‍👩‍👧

Don’t Underestimate I’m More Than You Can’t Even Imaginate It! 😶😶

image of caption for instagram for girls-5
image of caption for instagram for girls-5


Im Hot Cup😆 Of Coffee With A Cold Ice! ❄

Never Let Your Age🤗 Become The Obstacles In Your Path Of Success ❗

I’m Leading With A👉 Positive Attitude Alwayz❗

Try To Be Concentrated, Even Acid Are Dilluted ❗😆

I’m Mixture Of Cuteness And Craziness In👉 1:1 Ratio ❗

I’m So Poor In Paying Attention To Your Attention ❗😆

I Can Give You Something That I Never Want To Give…. Advice😉

Don’t Be Busy…. Be Destructive And Productive 🤓

Be Always Supportive And Helpful To 👉needy People, Who Really Needs You❗

Switch From More Fake People To Few Real💞 One!

image of caption for instagram for girls-6
image of caption for instagram for girls-6


Don’t Be More Overwhelmed🚫 To The People Who Is Worth It

Like Flowers🌹 Just Bloom Everywhere …!

Stop Running 🏃 From Your Problems Just Try To Chase It Out 💥

Always Be Benevolent To The Helpful Person 😌

Just Thinking And Breaking Up Your Heads🙃 On Problems Is Not A Actual Solutions 😇

Never Be A Part Of Crowd Be A Reason Behind That Crowd❗ 🙂

Never Have 👉doubts On Your Decisions It May Lead To Wrong And Worst One❗

Can’t Do Is A Word That Can Act As Bridge 🌉 Between Your Failure And Disappointment 😟

I May Look Like I’m Doing Nothing…But In My Head I’m Quite Busy

If You’re Unfair To Me I May Unfriend From My Friends List😒🙄

image of caption for instagram for girls-7
image of caption for instagram for girls-7


Be Effective, Not Affective Will Lead You To Rule The Life Very Well 🙂

I Love Being Yours And Knowing That You’re Mine Is All-Time Wasting Dialogues

Don’t Try To Be So Strong, If You Feel Bad No One Can Even Understand❗ 😟

Keep Refreshing Yourself To Remove 👉negativity ❗

Highlight Your Dream To Focus On Your Aim In Better Directions 😉

Good Talent Can Shut The Mouth Of Thousands of People 🙄


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Your All Problem Starts With The Negative Attitude 😐and Bad Personality

Don’t Let Anyone To Fade Away❗

Learn How To Refuse Something Without Explaining It To Someone❗

It’s Feel Like Heaven When I’m Disturbing My Friends 😉😇

image of caption for instagram for girls-8
image of caption for instagram for girls-8

Improve Your Performance To Increase Your Wealth🙂!

Work Hard To Punch Harder On Your So Called Well-Wisher #Relative😅😅

The Best Times Begin When You Realize Your Comfort Zone Is In Your Choice And Your Likes

Nowadays Achievement Became More Likes On Post And 🤔 Am I That Achiever???

I Like Being Alone👤

Listening To Music In My Own 🌎world

Away From All The ✋Bullshit In Life

Don’t Wait The Perfect Moment …Take The Moment And Make It Perfect.✌😉

》I 🙋Don’t👎Care😇 About 😕Popularity😈. I🙎 Live 😂In 😆Reality….

I’m Priceless Bcoz No ❌One Can Afford Me❗

image of caption for instagram for girls-9
image of caption for instagram for girls-9


♠Pain Is Temporary But The Pride Is Permanent ♠

If U Left Me Without A Reason Don’t Come Back With An Excuse..

Ι Мay Noт Вe Тнe Gιrl Тнaт Everyone Wanтѕ, Вυт Aт Leaѕт Ι Aм Noт Тнe Gιrl Тнaт Everyone’ѕ Нad. 💁🏻

Acquire Me As Soon As Possible ❗ Bcoz I’m Limited Edition 😉

Find Someone Who Brings Out The Best In You 🤨🤔🤔🤔but I Have Already Got # 2 F (Friends & Family)🤗🤗

Pure Soul Is Thousand Times Better Than The Attractive Beauty🤬

My Pic Doesn’t Need Any Captions ❗Bcoz I’m Have Created My Own Bio

I Know I’m Not ❌That Beautiful But I Can Assure One Thing That I Can Never Make You Feel Like That😛

Be Self-Starter You Can’t Do Epic Shit With Basic People!

Don’t Interfere In My Life I’m Too Busy In Building My Interface ❗

image of caption for instagram for girls-10
image of caption for instagram for girls-10


While I Am In Your Arm Music Play In My Mind Dil Yeh Mera Bas Me Nhi…… “I Do Not Exist To Imprees The World. I Exist To Live My Life In A Way That Will Make Me HAPPY. 😎

☺I Will Not Harm You, But I’ll Let Karma To Hit You ☺

I Don’t Give Challenges⚡⚡…..I Myself Tak Challenges

A strong woman loves, forgives, walks away, let’s go, tries again, and perseveres Not matter what. “

I don’t want to be beautifull… I just want to be unforgettable ❤

It is better to💪fight and fall👎down again!!! than living without hope💔💔💔

Be a ☠beast☠ for ur best😎😎😎

I’m a simple girl I just need a, T-shirt, a pair of shorts, a camera at a beach and I’m happy❤😎

So I close my eyes to old ends And open my heart to new beginnings…👑😎🔥🔥

I Don’t have a cheap mind, I have a sexy imagination✌

image of caption for instagram for girls-11
image of caption for instagram for girls-11


I know I’m nothing special but I hope you won’t replace me😊

I am Not a Player, I’m The Game change 🧶

Avoid being hazardous, be harmful 🤓😚

Life is weird first you want to grow up, then you want to be a little kid again.


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